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Patrick Star

Patrick Star

SpongeBob's best friend, a dumb, pink starfish.

About Him...

Patrick is a pink starfish and SpongeBob's best friend. He and SpongeBob have apparently known each other since infancy, and they share many interests (jellyfishing, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy, bubble blowing, etc.) It is revealed in the episode "Rule of Dumb" that he and Spongebob's pet snail, Gary, are cousins.

Patrick is very unintelligent. He often convinces SpongeBob to accompany him in dangerous or fruitless activities, such as playing near fish hooks and eating whole pumpkins. In spite of the disastrous outcomes of Patrick's ideas, SpongeBob constantly attests to Patrick's genius, and consults the starfish for advice and guidance.

Patrick has no job or trade and spends most of his time sleeping or playing with SpongeBob. When he tries to find work, it is shown that he has little practical skill--the episode "Big Pink Loser" reveals that he struggles with tasks such as sweeping or opening a jar. Despite these shortcomings, he has very high aspirations for his life--SpongeBob once convinced him that some of his aims (multi-dimensional hero ["I want to defeat the giant monkey-men and save the 9th dimension"], doctor, and fireman) were too high, given his faculties. Patrick, has, however, shown useful supernatural abilities, such as Telekinesis, reality warping, flight and super strength, though these can be downplayed depending on the episode. His psychic powers, however, seem to be a family trait, as Gary the Snail also displays psychic ability.

Patrick's manner is very childlike, though, like SpongeBob, he prides himself on his self-proclaimed "manliness". Like his friend, he enjoys things that are considered "babyish", such as large lollipops and homemade cookies. Though Patrick is generally kind and friendly, he will, when provoked, go into rages, generally screaming his demands and--occasionally--attacking those around him. Patrick does not know his own strength, and it is possible for him to lay waste to a large area in these rages.

It is also possible that Patrick has gotten so stupid by playing too many video games, as hinted in Naughty Nautical Neighbors that when he saves Squidward's life that he says "I win!".

General Information

Gender: Male
Color: Pink
Eye Color: Black
Height: 15.2 cm
Weight: 2 ounces
Interests: Jellyfishing, drooling, bubble blowing, sleeping, eating, hanging out with SpongeBob

Patrick's House

Patrick lives under a large boulder with a hinge on its side, two doors down from SpongeBob. SpongeBob and Patrick both live on Conch Street. Many episodes depict it as a simple rock with Patrick sleeping on its underside. Others depict a living quarters under the rock, complete with furniture and appliances made of sand, though the size of the living quarters varies depending upon the episode; it is at times a bedroom and at others, a living room. Home Sweet Pineapple shows Patrick using the rock as a large blanket, with him sleeping on the sea floor.

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