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Larry The Lobster

Larry The Lobster

Buff, good-looking and well-fit lobster, usually found at Goo Lagoon, Bikini Bottom's local beach

About him..

Larry the Lobster is the lifeguard of Bikini Bottom's popular beach, Goo Lagoon. He is voiced by Mr. Lawrence. Larry is a bodybuilder and is sometimes seen either competing or working out, and is always seen wearing swim shorts or a speedo. He regularly goes to Bikini Bottom's beach, Goo Lagoon, and works as a lifeguard there. Larry first appeared in the episode "Ripped Pants" and appears every now and then on the show. Next to Sandy, Larry is the strongest critter in Bikini Bottom. Larry is also good friends with Sandy and SpongeBob. Larry appears on the SpongeBob SquarePants: Employee of the Month videogame, in which Larry gives SpongeBob a clue for the mystery. He also appears in Lights, Camera, PANTS! in which he is getting helped by two players to lift weights in order to win. Twice, when the Flying Dutchman went on a scaring spree, he tried to scare Larry. In Shanghied, The Flying Dutchman scares Larry for a brief moment while he was jogging, until SpongeBob and Patrick try scaring him but end up crashing into a wall. In "Ghost Host," the Flying Dutchman thought he could not scare anyone. While The Flying Dutchman tries to scare Larry, he is too busy flexing in the mirror to notice him. He thinks that Patrick is SpongeBob's girlfriend in That's No Lady. It is also revealed in "Band Geeks" that his heart once gave out from too many tanning pills, and in "Roller Cowards" he is revealed to have a bad armpit odor that is caused by adrenaline. Excessive tanning may account for his bright red color, which usually does not happen to lobsters until they've been cooked. Larry has also run for Bikini Bottom president against Patrick Star. He states that "Do you want a president that does not drool when he thinks? Vote for Larry!" Though he did lose to Patrick, February 19, 2007. Larry is usually friendly towards SpongeBob (although in "Ripped Pants" he's set up as a rival), although his suffers from vanity and is very competitive. He also appears in That's No Lady, and "Roller Cowards."

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