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Eugene H. Krabs

Eugene H. Krabs

A crab that is in charge of the Krusty Krab restaurant, where SpongeBob works. He is addicted to money and being selfish and greedy.

About Him...

Mr. Krabs, born Eugene H. Krabs on November 30, 1942, was the son of Betsy Krabs and an unknown father. He is a descendant of the medieval King, King Krabs. Ever since medieval times (despite the fact there were no American medieval villages), his family has kept a secret recipe for the secret sauce of the family burger- the Krabby Patty. Later in life, Krabs would go into business selling these. In his childhood, times were rough and Mr. Krabs and his family were poor. Mr. Krabs' mother had to sew rags for clothes. Their neighbor, Old Man Jenkins, of whom Mr. Krabs thought as family, helped them through rough times.

Sheldon J. Plankton, born on the same day as Krabs, was his best friend from birth. While at the carnival, Mr. Krabs was amazed at a penny he found, when Plankton told him all about money. Since then, Eugene H. Krabs has always been a penny-pinching financial genius, like he is in the present day. In the episode "My Pretty Seahorse", Mr. Krabs told SpongeBob of a story about his father giving him a dollar at the age of five years old. He recalls that he loved that dollar; however, he spent it on a soda, one hot day at the beach.

Because of his family's poverty, Krabs was teased at Poseidon Elementary School, where Plankton was his only friend. The only place to get a burger in Bikini Bottom, was Stinky Burger, which was owned by a wealthy citizen, Stinky. Krabs and Plankton wanted to get a burger there but Stinky did not like them hanging around his restaurant. After seeing Stinky's wealth, this inspired Krabs and Plankton to create their own burger. When they finally completed it, no one was around to buy it. Upon seeing Old Man Jenkins there, he was the first to try the "Plabs burger." However, the burger was contaminated and Jenkins died. This caused Plankton and Krabs to argue about the burger. Plankton attempted to steal the formula, which ripped in half. Plankton took their burger batch and decided to go into business alone. A shelf in their dump restaurant collapsed, which combined certain ingredients together to form a perfect burger batch. Both Plankton and Krabs attempted to sell their separate creations separately, where only Krabs succeeded. Since the recipe is said to be an old Krabs family recipe, Mr. Krabs' accidental recipe for a burger patty combined with his family's secret sauce. This leads Mr. Krabs to start a business which lead his family out of poverty. Mr. Krabs and his family lived in a pink house where Betsy Krabs lives in the present and his bed and toys are still there.

Krabs sometimes identifies himself as a sailor, most likely because he did serve in the Navy at one point. In "Shell of a Man", the Navy was where he earned the nickname "Armor Abs Krabs". During his service, he was the chief janitor on the S.S. Gourmet and "head chef" on the "S.S. Diarrhea". In "The Krusty Sponge", it is hinted that Krabs had seen combat in his service when he tells Squidward about how he was frozen in fear during battle. Sometimes when he appears onscreen, sailor's music is played; Krabs uses sea-faring vocabulary; he calls his staff his 'crew', and the disagreement as 'mutiny', calls the bathroom the head while his laugh is also appropriate ('Ar 'ar 'ar 'ar 'ar'). In contrast to his namesake, Krabs is something of a miser; he is known to go insane if he has to give up so much as a penny. In "Born Again Krabs", he gave SpongeBob up to the Flying Dutchman for sixty-two cents, but repented later. When customers leave the restaurant because they do not like the food (which is usually due to SpongeBob or Squidward's inaccuracies), he uses catchphrases - these include "That's me money walkin' out the door!", or "There's gonna be a few changes around here!" However, he is often somewhat short-sighted---for example, selling Spongebob for a handful of change, despite him being one of the best fry cooks in the world, which in the long run would not be a good business deal. Despite his hatred of spending money, he also apparently collects a large amount of useless knickknacks at the house. He has also shown a penchant for sentimentally holding onto to certain objects that are meaningful to him, particularly bits of money---such as his first dollar, millionth dollar, first dime, and "nickel buddy." Mr Krabs once wished he could talk to money in the episode "Money Talks". But when his wish was granted, he should've thought a second time. He changed the Krusty Krab into the Krusty Sponge once, In "Krusty Towers", he built a hotel with the episode title.

However, he's a caring and thoughtful crab; he appreciates his employees, SpongeBob SquarePants and Squidward Tentacles (who help keep his restaurant afloat), dotes on his daughter, Pearl Krabs, and in one episode, he found his second love (after money), Mrs. Puff (in "Krusty Love"). Mr. Krabs' arch-rival and somewhat friend is Sheldon J. Plankton, the owner of rival restaurant The Chum Bucket across the street from his establishment. He has a mother, Mama Krabs, who lives in a near identical version of his anchor home, except it is pink. His address was also revealed to be 3541 Anchor Way. Krabs served in the Navy, where he earned the nickname "Armor Abs Krabs". Mr. Krabs tries to keep it cheap when purchasing anything, even though he's the richest crab in the ocean, which often results in Pearl becoming extremely disappointed in her gifts, such as on her 16th birthday or the infamous Squeaky Boots. Mr. Krabs also owns a pet worm named "Mr. Doodles" as seen in the episode "As Seen On TV". It is also shown in the episode "Mid-Life Crustacean" that he can extend his arms to great distances to collect items. Mr Krabs also sees himself as an amateur Errol Finn and appears to be an expert swordsman in the episode "One Krab's Trash" when he fought of the entire army of the undead using a skeleton swordfish head to retrieve a hat he was offered a million dollars for. In "Hooky" it is revealed that he can smell laziness for up to 10,000 leagues, more than double the distance previously assumed. Krabs also owes his soul to many people, including Spongebob (he was $5 short on pay day).

General Information

Gender: Male
Color: Red
Eye Color: Green (revealed in "Squeaky Boots")
Birthday: November 30, 1942 (age 64)
Mr. Krabs' birthdate was revealed in the episode, "Sleepy Time".
Weight: 5 Ounces
Interests: Making money, clam fishing, panty raiding

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