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More characters

Squilliam Fancyson

Squilliam Fancyson is a squid that attended Squidward's band class, and always puts him down. He is a very wealthy, snooty, unibrow-endowed rival of Squidward who looks down at Squidward for being just a lowly cashier in a greasy spoon. He owns a private yacht, a private lake, a private heliport, a private island, and a balloon/casino. He is also the leader of a big fancy band. He owns beautiful clothes, velvet shirts with a leather collar, and gold-silver alloy buttons for his leather cloak. Squilliam's name is a combination of the name 'William' and the name 'squid' (Squidward has a similar combination of his name, which is "squid" and "Edward"). Squilliam's first appearance was in Band Geeks, where he challenged Squidward to play his band at the Bubble Bowl, commenting that he could not make it. Also, he comments that he is living Squidward's dream. However, Squilliam lied, and came anyway because he wanted to watch Squidward blow it. However, at the end of "Band Geeks," Squilliam, painfully aware of how good Squidward's band's performance is, has a heart attack and is rushed to the hospital, therefore, Squidward gets him back. Squidward is painfully jealous and schemes constantly to show Squilliam he is not a loser. He later returns in "Squilliam Returns" and thinks that Squidward is the owner of a five-star restaurant. Once again, Squidward fails to impress him when chaos erupts. He is commonly described as "the guy who made millions doing what you (Squidward) wish you could do." Squilliam is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.

Gill Gilliam

Gill Gilliam is a doctor who works in the Bikini Bottom hospital. In addition to being a doctor, he is a veterinarian, snail disease expert, and snail expert too. He first appeared in "I Was a Teenage Gary," where he told SpongeBob that in order to cure Gary, he must inject him with Snail Plasma. He later appeared in "Suds," where he assigned treatment to SpongeBob when he had the "suds." In "Squid's Day Off," he helped get Mr. Krabs's arms back on him after they fell off. In "The Bully," he told Flatts the flounder that he was in the hospital and that SpongeBob had performed CPR on him for five hours straight. In "No Weenies Allowed," he recommended that SpongeBob go to the Weenie Hut General Hospital, rather than the hospital he was in. He does not like to be touched by those who have food poisoning, such that Mr. Krabs had in "Born Again Krabs." He performed 20 hour-surgery on SpongeBob's gluteus maximus by repairing it with staples and glue. He later appeared in "The Lost Mattress" where he told SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward to retrieve Mr. Krabs' money after he fell into a "cash-coma." He made a brief cameo in SquidBob TentaclePants, where he told a woman that she had given birth to a healthy baby, only to have the fused Spongebob and Squidward to teleport in the baby's place as he shows it to the woman. His name was not revealed until the episode "Once Bitten." He convinced the Bikini Bottomites that Mad Snail Disease is a myth. He is usually purple when seen, except in "Once Bitten" where he is orange. He wears a white buttoned coat and glasses. He took a "small" splinter out of Gary's foot thereby curing Grouchy Snailitis. He is also the dentist in Bikini Bottom, as seen in "Midlife Crustacean." He is voiced by Rodger Bumpass. Also he is one of the only fish with fingers.

Old Man Jenkins

Old Man Jenkins is an elderly fish whom resides at Shady Shoals Rest Home. He used to live in the Krusty Krab before Mr. Krabs turned it into a restaurant. He is usually seen in the Krusty Krab or in downtown Bikini Bottom. It is possible that he is related to Farmer Jenkins. He was eaten by Mystery in "My Pretty Seahorse. Old Man Jenkins is possibly friends with Mama Krabs, as revealed in "Sailor Mouth." Jenkins also drives a large boat. In "Once Bitten", he was the first to suggest that everyone was a zombie. His name might be a reference to the Clint Eastwood film Hang 'em High where there is a character named "Old Man Jenkins." He is sometimes depicted as a purple, disabled fish. He was voiced by Mr. Lawrence in "Sailor Mouth", Tom Kenny in "My Pretty Seahorse." Also, he seems to change appearances. In "My Pretty Seahorse", he looks rather big and his head takes a certain shape. Then in Sailor Mouth, he looks slightly like he does in Once Bitten except he was purple rather than dull yellow. In The Sponge Who Could Fly he is tall, orange, and skinny. In Sing a Song of Patrick, he is the only one to enjoy Patrick's song, "I Wrote This". It is possible that he is related to Farmer/Sailor/Cannonball Jenkins and Old Man Jenkins from "Friend or Foe."(It is also possible that they're the same person.) Old Man Jenkins is also seen in the episode "Fear of a Krabby Patty." He sometimes gets locked in the Krusty Krab, as revealed in "Krabs a la Mode." In that same episode, he unknowlingly swallowed Plankton, during one of Plankton's evil plans. He also makes an appearance in "Roller Cowards," where he visited Glove World on his birthday, but was unable to go on the ride because he had a broken arm, a broken leg, and is in a wheelchair. SpongeBob and Patrick thought that he got injured on the roller coater they're afraid to go on.


Tom first appeared in the episode "Ripped Pants" where he eats a Krabby Patty. He is friends with Fred, and his name was revealed in "Patty Hype." In "Ghost Host," Tom has a job as a mattress salesman. He is also a cameraman for the Bikini Bottom News. In "Chocolate With Nuts," it is revealed that Tom is a chocoholic, constantly yelling out "CHOCOLATE!!!!!" whenever he saw Spongebob and Patrick. Tom is a regular customer of the Krusty Krab, where he is seen most often. It was revealed in "Pranks a Lot" that Tom drives a tour bus in Bikini Bottom. In "The Fry Cook Games," it is revealed that he is married to Mable and has a son, Timmy. Tom also appears in "Hocus Pocus" with his son, Timmy. In I Had an Accident, Tom is seen in an "iron butt" complaining, "Oh man, It itches" as Dr. Gill Gilliam shows Spongebob how he might be treated if he "broke" his butt again. In "Breath of Fresh Squidward," it is revealed that he has a daughter, and is married to an orange fish witha purple dress. He is heard with a woman's voice in Doing Time and The Sponge Who Could Fly. He wears a purple shirt and blue pants. He is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker. Like many other fish in Bikini Bottom, Tom serves mainly as a background character. He is also played by the actor who constantly yells out: MY LEG!!!

French Narrator

The French Narrator speaks at the start of some episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants and does this with a heavy French accent. While he is mostly unseen, he was struck by a boat and knocked unconscious in No Free Rides, where it is seen he's a fish similar to Fred (see "Fred"). What the Narrator says is purely fictional and is mainly a character introduction; however, his accent and sealife 'expertise' suggests he is an homage to Jacques-Yves Cousteau, the world-famous sealife expert who died in 1997. On the November 16, 2004 episode of Fresh Air with Terry Gross, Tom Kenny admitted that Cousteau was the inspiration for the French narrator, as SpongeBob SquarePants creator Stephen Hillenburg considers Cousteau an idol. The voice of the French Narrator is done by Tom Kenny, who also does the voices of SpongeBob SquarePants and Gary the Snail, among others. In Can You Spare a Dime?, a shot appeared with text (or time cards, as the character Patrick Star calls them) saying "So much later that the old narrator got tired of waiting and they had to hire a new one," being read by an unknown narrator with an English accent.

Patchy the Pirate

Patchy the Pirate is a nonfictional character in the Nickelodeon animated series, SpongeBob SquarePants. He likely did not use Patch the Pirate, to avoid confusion with a not-so-well-known personality. He is a live-action character who hosts the SpongeBob SquarePants specials and major events. He is the president of the SpongeBob SquarePants Fan Club and is portrayed by Tom Kenny (who also voices SpongeBob and Gary).

It is stated by Polly the Parrot that he loses everything, including his eye, arm, and leg. He has an eyepatch (that switches eyes every scene or two) and hook for a hand that alternates between his left and right hands. Patchy also has a black beard and wears a hat and other pirate accessories. In "Christmas Who?" Patchy accidentally hit his eye, and switched his eye patch between eyes. In "The Sponge Who Could Fly," it is inferred that he must remove his hook and peg leg in order to take a shower. Patchy even has a spare foot, for when he goes outside.

He resides in a small home in Encino, California. His bedroom is filled with SpongeBob-themed items such as plush toys, collectibles, bedspreads, and pillows. He also wears SpongeBob underwear. His next door neighbor, an elderly woman named Mrs. Johnson has been known to make cookies for him, and he requests they be put in a doggie bag. He has a pet parrot, Polly, who is also his sidekick. They tend to not get along, such as in Ugh! where Patchy had interest in the prehistoric times, while Polly liked the future.

As president of the SpongeBob SquarePants fan club, Patchy hosts special episodes and events. He appeared in the following television specials: Christmas Who?, Shanghaied, Party Pooper Pants, The Sponge Who Could Fly, SpongeBob B.C. (Before Comedy), and Friend or Foe?‎. He was on the TV Special with Tony Hawk on Where's Gary? where Patchy and Tony look for Gary by following a slime trail, Patchy ended up on Friday Night Slimetime while Tony ended up in Times Square. In "The Sponge Who Could Fly," Patchy reveals that he lost an episode of SpongeBob. He tells everyone to forget about SpongeBob. However, a map comes flying through the window, which leads to the lost episode. He set out on the treasure hunt. The journey entailed taking 10 paces past Mrs. Johnson's house, walking past Don's Import Store and Delicatessen, to the forked tree, and finally crossing the Seven Trials of Monkey Lagoon (seven playground attractions at a public park named Monkey Lagoon). When all is said and done, he uncovers the Lost Episode and presents it to everyone. He hosted the SpongeBob marathon, The Best Day Ever on a boat in New York City harbor. In his opinion, New York City is the best city ever. While hosting the marathon, he played chess with his teddy bear (and lost), read magazines (such as one about Jessica Alba), and wrote in his diary with a seahorse pen. He also revealed that he had an extreme childhood fear of seahorses, and thereby was frightened by his pen. He also read books, drank hot cocoa, and ate cookies. He later fell asleep at midnight, and missed #85, "Shell of a Man." He is still asleep after this episode, with his hook in his mouth. In the middle of the night, Patchy woke up to announce #61, "Suds" and came up the excuse that he was "resting his eyes." However he was mumbling and stumbling over his words in the process as a sign that he was half-asleep and, ironically, skipped numbers 62-73. After that he went back to sleep. He did not fully wake up until after #43, Nature Pants. His alarm clock rang at 8 a.m. It sounds similar to a boat horn. He had Pirate Flakes cereal and Orange Juice for breakfast. He also got a back massage, and told the viewers about the Empire State Building.

Nancy Suzie Fish

Nancy Suzie Fish is a grey white-haired fish who occasionally visits the Krusty Krab, and is one of Pearl's friends. Her name is revealed in "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V" where she was on Make Out Reef with her boyfriend, John. She is employed at the National Nautical Bank as a teller, as revealed in "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy III." In the episode "Ghost Host," The Flying Dutchman tries to hit on her. In addition, she has attended Mrs. Puff's Boating School. Her full name is revealed in Good Ol' Whatshisname.


Fred is a dark-green/brown fish who commonly complains "MY LEG!" and "MY EYES!" after any major accidents he encounters. He made a cameo in "Home Sweet Pineapple" saying that the "dang nematoads" ate his car. His name is revealed in "Patty Hype." Two of Fred's friends are Tom and Nancy. Fred is employed at Shady Shoals rest home as a janitor. He regularly visits the Krusty Krab on his lunch break, and he was the first customer to try SpongeBob's "Jelly Patty," and even sang a song about it. He also appears in the episode "Karate Island." He was also part of Squidward's band in the episode, "Band Geeks"; however it is hinted that he died or was seriously injured when he collided with a blimp while twirling a flag. In three episodes, it is indicated that he may be wealthy. In "One Krab's Trash" he offers Mr. Krabs one million dollars for a hat. In "All That Glitters," he owns an expensive spatula in which he sells to SpongeBob. In "Squilliam Returns," he is in the group in which Squilliam Fancyson takes to Squidward's 5-star "restaurant," suggesting that he is friends and/or does business with Fancyson. He is voiced by Doug Lawrence


Scooter is a surfer fish who is lavender in color. He died in the episode, "Bubble Buddy" (after 'experiencing high tide'). His catch phrases include "That was awwwwwsome!" and "Duuuuude." He was also seen in the episode "Ripped Pants." He enjoys surfing and participating at the Annual Hotdog Chug at Goo Lagoon. His name was revealed in Party Pooper Pants. He was voiced by Carlos Alazraqui. Scooter later apeared in many episodes but as a bottomite. He was voiced by Clancy Brown in the episode "Wigstruck." In the episode Born To Be Wild it revealed he made fun of sea creatures that rode big wheels instead of motor cycles.

Larry The Lobster

Larry The Lobster

Buff, good-looking and well-fit lobster, usually found at Goo Lagoon, Bikini Bottom's local beach

About him..

Larry the Lobster is the lifeguard of Bikini Bottom's popular beach, Goo Lagoon. He is voiced by Mr. Lawrence. Larry is a bodybuilder and is sometimes seen either competing or working out, and is always seen wearing swim shorts or a speedo. He regularly goes to Bikini Bottom's beach, Goo Lagoon, and works as a lifeguard there. Larry first appeared in the episode "Ripped Pants" and appears every now and then on the show. Next to Sandy, Larry is the strongest critter in Bikini Bottom. Larry is also good friends with Sandy and SpongeBob. Larry appears on the SpongeBob SquarePants: Employee of the Month videogame, in which Larry gives SpongeBob a clue for the mystery. He also appears in Lights, Camera, PANTS! in which he is getting helped by two players to lift weights in order to win. Twice, when the Flying Dutchman went on a scaring spree, he tried to scare Larry. In Shanghied, The Flying Dutchman scares Larry for a brief moment while he was jogging, until SpongeBob and Patrick try scaring him but end up crashing into a wall. In "Ghost Host," the Flying Dutchman thought he could not scare anyone. While The Flying Dutchman tries to scare Larry, he is too busy flexing in the mirror to notice him. He thinks that Patrick is SpongeBob's girlfriend in That's No Lady. It is also revealed in "Band Geeks" that his heart once gave out from too many tanning pills, and in "Roller Cowards" he is revealed to have a bad armpit odor that is caused by adrenaline. Excessive tanning may account for his bright red color, which usually does not happen to lobsters until they've been cooked. Larry has also run for Bikini Bottom president against Patrick Star. He states that "Do you want a president that does not drool when he thinks? Vote for Larry!" Though he did lose to Patrick, February 19, 2007. Larry is usually friendly towards SpongeBob (although in "Ripped Pants" he's set up as a rival), although his suffers from vanity and is very competitive. He also appears in That's No Lady, and "Roller Cowards."

Barnalce Boy

Barnalce Boy

Old, retired and foolish superheroes who are adored by Spongebob and Patrick.

About him...

Barnacle Boy is Mermaid Man's side-kick. He is voiced by Emmy Award winning comedian and actor Tim Conway.

Barnacle Boy (actual name Kyle) is a 68-year old semi-retired superhero sidekick, although he still is more sane and aware than Mermaid Man. He, along with Mermaid Man, are the only real humanoids on the show. His costume is a cross between the Silver Age Aqualad and Gilligan of Gilligan's Island. Barnacle Boy also exclaims "Mumblin' Morays!" when excited. Although he turned evil and won against Mermaid Man, forcing him to give in to his demand of being called Barnacle Man, he soon reverted to being called Barnacle Boy. Mermaid Man, his mentor, treats him as if he were a young boy, in spite him being an adult. He often calls Mermaid Man an "old coot". In true sidekick fashion he takes the brunt of the physical comedy upon himself.

Barnacle Boy once became a villain briefly in Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V, teaming up with Man Ray and the Dirty Bubble following a dispute about a pipsqueak patty (a very small version of a Krabby Patty intended for children) at the Krusty Krab. After a protracted fight — and a painful parody of the International Justice League of Super Acquaintances with the regular cast — he and Mermaid Man patched things up. Barnacle Man, as he likes to be called, gets a little more respect now (even though he cannot finish an adult-sized Krabby Patty). In the same episode, Barnacle Boy mentioned he was so old he had hairs growing out of the wrinkles on his liver spots. He also has a nose similar to Squidward's, although larger.

This is referenced in Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV when Barnacle Boy and Squidward are locked in a battle of wits involving them calling each other "Big-nose." Barnacle Boy also runs security at the Rock Bottom Museum.

In the video game, Battle for Bikini Bottom, it was revealed that Barnacle Boy has a son, a daughter-in-law, and four "screaming" grandchildren.

Barnacle boy possesses powers similar to Mermaid Man, though he lacks the belt powers. However,he does have "Sulfur Vision" (a form of heat vision) that Mermaid Man does not. Like Mermaid Man,his powers are not what they used to be.

General information

Gender: Male
Eye Color: Black
Interests: Crime Fighting

Mermaid Man

Mermaid Man

Old, retired and foolish superheroes who are adored by Spongebob and Patrick.

About him...

Mermaid Man is a semi-retired superhero. He is voiced by Academy Award-winning actor Ernest Borgnine (in the series).

Mermaid Man is a semi-retired superhero who has aged well past his prime. His costume mostly resembles the costume of the comic book hero Aquaman, with the addition of a star-shaped mask, a scallop-shell bra, and a pair of fuzzy slippers. Mermaid Man's underwater lair and method of crime fighting is a parody of Batman, and his "invisible Boat-Mobile" is a parody of both the Batmobile and Wonder Woman's invisible jet. It is unknown how he can live in Bikini Bottom, as he, along with Barnacle Boy, are the only true humanoid characters on the show (although he could be Atlantean or otherwise super-powered). He has an obsession with the word "EEEEVVIIILLLLLL!"

Much like the heroes he is based on, Mermaid Man also has a sidekick, Barnacle Boy, who he treats like a child even though Barnacle Boy is sixty-eight years old. Mermaid Man appears to be in the advanced stages of senility, often forgetting what he was talking about, or what he was doing. This is not a problem for SpongeBob and Patrick, who unconditionally adore the two heroes and managed to coax them out of retirement and back into television. SpongeBob has appeared with them in eight different shorts — often involving a supervillain, a supergadget, or some combination of the two. In one episode, he and Patrick made a film about the heroes.

Mermaid Man has several nemeses that he fought long ago. Dirty Bubble, a sentient dirty bubble. Man Ray, a humanoid with a stingray themed costume who does evil things and was frozen in the Mermalair. Atomic Flounder, a fish who can shoot nuclear blasts from his mouth. And the Moth, a humanoid moth who steals light and according to Mermaid Man, he has been searching for the Moth for 57 years.

Mermaid Man enjoys watching television and playing checkers with Barnacle Boy. He eats almost anything. His favorite foods are meatloaf, mashed potatoes, broccoli, Krabby Patties and ice cream.

According to Mermaid Man, his powers are all in his costume. He uses abilities similar to Aquaman's such as: summon and control sea creatures, high speed swimming (used to create an effect dubbed the Raging Whirlpool), water balls, and the ability to survive underwater. While Mermaid Man retains all of these abilities, they are not as powerful as they were in his prime. Also, Mermaid Man has Super Telescoping Vision according to a scene cut from the storyboards of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V.

In addition to this, his belt houses a wide array of various weapons, most commonly seen as some kind of beam or ray. The only one named on the show is the Small Ray which shrinks things, but various effects were created when Spongebob used the belt on Squidward trying to reverse the Small Ray's effects. His belt feaures other powers such as Building Obliteration Button, Chin Cam, and various radioactive beams that cause bizarre mutations and various effects to the subject, such as causing them to suddenly catch on fire, turn inside out, or to be cut in half by scissors. They are only briefly shown, all afflicting Squidward. This seems to be a reference to both Batman and Space Ghost.

General information

Gender: Male
Color: Orange
Eye Color: Black
Interests: Crime Fighting, watching television

Mrs. Puff

Mrs. Puff

Widowed, husband captured and turned into a pufferfish lamp. SpongeBob's pufferfish boating teacher. Mrs. Puff is eager to get SpongeBob out of her class.

Mrs. Puff is a white puffer fish with curly yellow hair and green fins. She commonly wears a blue shirt and a red skirt. She also wears a small blue hat.


Mrs. Puff makes a living by teaching citizens how to drive. She has her own boating school, called Mrs. Puff's Boating School. Mrs. Puff often gets hurt by SpongeBob's bad driving, and ends up in jail a few times. Her erratic behavior comes from two fears: the first, being stuck teaching SpongeBob, an annoyingly painful, and yet perfect, student; the other is letting loose a monster like SpongeBob who could destroy Bikini Bottom with his awful driving skills. Being a pufferfish, she often inflates herself when something bad happens, such as when SpongeBob crashes during boating lessons. Her boss Mr Flitts visits her school once, and tells Mrs Puff that they can't blame the student for the teachings of Mrs Puff. But after Spongebob failed his test again, Mr Flitts relieved Mrs Puff of her teaching duties. But even his finest instructor couldn't teach him. In Boat Smarts, Mrs Puff makes a video of a driver WITH boat smarts, (Squidward,) and a driver without boat smarts, (Spongebob.)

General information

Gender: Female
Color: Tan
Eye Color: Black
Birthday: Unknown

Sheldon J. Plankton

Sheldon J. Plankton

A small plankton who is Mr. Krabs arch rival. He intends on getting the secret Krabby Patty formula and putting the Krusty Krab out of business.

About him...

Plankton is a plankton and runs a "competing" (though remarkably unpopular) restaurant called the Chum Bucket, which is located directly across the street from the Krusty Krab. Despite its proximity to the Krusty Krab, the Chum Bucket itself is rarely seen in the cartoon, except for those episodes in which Plankton also appears. Plankton lives at the Chum Bucket with Karen, his dear computer W.I.F.E. (Wired Integrated Female Electroencephalograph), who irritates him to no end. Plankton's first name, Sheldon, is constantly made fun of by his computer wife. He acts as Mr. Krab's arch enemy, and is SpongeBob SquarePants' occasional nemesis, though many times SpongeBob is naive of Plankton's evil powers. Plankton has tried to befriend Spongebob, and even Mr Krabs, but failed. The Chum Bucket was once the Chumporium to trick Mr Krabs. Plankton also gambled with Eugene, yet always lost for 16 years. When he won Spongebob in a bet, he revealed he had faked losing til Eugene made a mistake. Plankton is a science wiz, and even knows how to induce thermonuclear fusion. His primary catch phrase is "You can't do this to me, Krabs! I went to college!!!", which he usually says while flying back towards the Chum Bucket after one of his schemes to steal the Krabby Patty secret formula has been thwarted, though it has been used in other contexts. Plankton has also been known to slam into the Chum Bucket's exterior after his failed Krabby Patty theft attempts, after which he would reply, "Ouch."

In Krabs a la mode, he froze the Krusty Krab with Mr Krabs's "precious" thermostat. He appeared looking bigger with different facial expressions.

His desire is to infiltrate the Krusty Krab and put Mr. Krabs out of business. All of his nearly successful but ultimately foiled plans involve getting hold of the secret recipe for the copyrighted Krabby Patty, the main food item served at the Krusty Krab, in order to get customers. Plankton frequently plays on the naive, trusting nature of SpongeBob to try and get the recipe, along with engaging in various forms of trickery or theft to get either a Krabby Patty or the recipe. These forms have ranged from posing as a psychiatrist for SpongeBob to using a self-controlled robot version of Mr. Krabs. Plankton is almost always scheming away in his laboratory. In The Spongebob Squarepants Movie, Plankton used buckets to control the citizens of Bikini bottom, though lost to the combination of Goofy Goober-ness and rock n' roll.

Plankton's best friend from birth was his future rival Eugene Krabs. Both Krabs and Plankton were considered outcasts by other children, because Krabs was poor and Plankton was a nerd and small. When they discovered selling burgers would make them popular, they decide to sell patties. They set up their shop in their headquarter (the dump) to sell the patties. No one would come to the dump, so they gave one to Old Man Jenkins, who had helped the Krabs family. The bad patty knocked out Jenkins, causing him to be sent to the hospital to recover. Strangely, he has appeared in other episodes. There are three possibilities: It could be that there are two old fish with this name, this Old Man Jenkins is the father of the OMJ that normally appears in other episodes (Plankton and Mr. Krabs' childhood takes place in the 1940s) or that it is just a goof. Plankton accused Krabs of what happened and vice versa. Plankton was dared to improve upon the recipe, but only ended up with the shard of the recipe which read "and a pinch of chum". Plankton stormed out of restaurant, and went to create his own recipe using chum, memory, and science. At school, Plankton attempted to sell his chum burgers in a chum bucket and failed, whereas Krabs succeeded with his Krabby Patties, which he had created by accident when Plankton had slammed the door. Ingredients fell in the patty batter, thus creating the patty. Plankton later named his restaurant the Chum Bucket, after the secret ingredient of the original failed patty recipe

General Information

Gender: Male
Color: Green
Eye Color: Red and Yellow
Birthday: November 30, 1942 (age 64)
Height: 3/4 Inch
Weight: .02 ounces

Gary The Snails

Gary The Snails

SpongeBob's pet, his only sound is a "meow", similar to a cat.


Since he was a boy, SpongeBob has taken the ownership of Gary. Gary is an intelligent, fully domes
ticated snail. His intelligence shines through in the fact that he has more intelligent solutions to SpongeBob's dilemmas than SpongeBob himself. But Gary is revealed to be a "mutt" in the episode The Great Snail Race. Gary tends to disagree with some of SpongeBob's ideas, and usually makes an effort to warn SpongeBob. Sometimes he finds SpongeBob to be a complete annoyance, as does Squidward Tentacles. This is evidenced in the episode Sleepy Time. In the episode, Squidward says, "Don't we get enough of you during the day?" Gary seems to agree with him. Gary has had many runs away from SpongeBob: Gary ran away from SpongeBob in Have You Seen This Snail? because SpongeBob forgot to feed him. He was then found by an elderly female owner who fed him a lot, and whatever he wanted. It turned out that she had overfed many snails before. Upon seeing fliers that Spongebob made to look for him, he realized that SpongeBob did love him, and so he went back home. In Dumped he seems to like Patrick more than SpongeBob, and SpongeBob is jealous. However, in the end, it was revealed that Gary only wanted the cookie that was in Patrick's pocket, and then he came back to SpongeBob. The episode ends with Patrick crying, "Gary? I thought what we had was special!"

Gary is able to levitate and teleport, as seen in the episode Gary Takes A Bath. This could mean that psychic powers run in the Star family, as Patrick Star also can display psychic ability.

Some of Gary's meows are lower pitched, some are higher pitched; these could possibly indicate that Ga
ry uses different tones of his voice to communicate with SpongeBob, who is able to take more meaning out of these than most Bikini Bottomites. Gary has only been seen speaking English three times. Once in the episode, Sleepy Time but that was only a dream, and once in the episode Secret Box but he only made a, "Eer" sound and then said, "No." The third time was in the SpongeBob movie, when Gary had a pair of bucket helmets on his eyes. He chanted "Meow Plankton" in unison with the other mind controlled sea creatures saying "All hail Plankton".

General Information

Gender: Male
Color: Blue/Green/Peach Shell
Eye Color: Brown/orange
Interests: Books, poetry, reading the newspaper

Squidward Tentacles

Squidward Tentacles

SpongeBob's next door neighbor and co-worker at the Krusty Krab, where he is the cashier. He hates SpongeBob and Patrick, and openly displays his hatred towards them, not that they ever truly understood. He believes he is an amazing artist and clarinet player, but quite the opposite in reality.

About him...

While his neighbors SpongeBob and Patrick are generally cheerful, Squidward is very irritable and unenthusiastic. He has a dry wit, and is constantly sarcastic. He is not very popular in Bikini Bottom due to his supercilious attitude toward those he feels are "uncultured".

Squidward is an aspiring artist and musician, though most of his art is created in tribute to himself and his music--his instrument of choice being the clarinet--is considered poor. It is revealed that an ancestor, Squidley, had cursed Squidward to be a mediocre musician when he decided that he would never be able to play the clarinet.

SpongeBob and Patrick consider Squidward to be their "best friend", though he has a strong disliking of the duo. While he has made his opinion of them clear, they either do not care or are oblivious, as they treat him as "one of the guys". Their antics and games annoy Squidward, but he will grudgingly participate if egged on or challenged.

Squidward works as the cashier at the Krusty Krab restaurant, only one room away from SpongeBob, the fry cook. He despises his job due to unintelligent customers, his skinflint boss, Mr. Krabs, and SpongeBob's enthusiam in working as a fry cook. At one point, Squidward quit his job; he was reduced to living in the street, leaving SpongeBob to nurse him back to health.

Squidward makes a cameo appearance in episode 12 of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann as a crewmember of the Dai-Gunkai.
General Information

Gender: Male
Color: Pale Aquamarine
Eye Color: Maroon
Birthday: somewhere in the 1950s/60s
Interests: Art, interpretive dance, playing his clarinet

Pearl Krabs

Pearl Krabs

Mr. Krabs's teenage daughter. She is a whale who acts like a stereotypical American teenage girl. Her father thinks he's spoiling her when quite frankly he is doing the opposite.


Pearl is a gray whale with blonde hair in a constant ponytail. She commonly wears a pink shirt with a dark pink letter P, which stands for Pearl, as well as a dark pink dress and white boots. The episodes "The Chaperone" and "Whale of a Birthday" feature her with a light pink dress and a tiara on. When in this outfit, the hair holder that keeps her hair in a ponytail changes color from dark pink to light pink. She almost always has on reddish-pink lipstick in the shape of a heart on her 'lips'. In "Bossy Boots", it is shown that she does, in fact, have lips. She also has a blowhole. She always has her bossy 'friends' by her side. She is also interested in makeup.


Pearl's personality is that of the archetypal and whiny teenage girl. She is popular at school, and enjoys hanging out with others like her, shopping at the mall, talking about "who likes who," and keeping a good reputation in school as being "coral." ("Coral" is the undersea version of cool which went out when Mr. Krabs began to say "coral" to be "young" again) In early episodes Pearl seems to do things teenagers wouldn't normally do, such as tea parties, but later on, she starts acting more and more like a teenager, most likely to the fact that in the early episodes, she wasn't quite a teenager yet. It is possible that her birthday is May 12, 1990, since the episode celebrating her 16th birthday was first aired on March 12, 2006. Her father seems to dote on her, but Pearl is usually indifferent and often hostile towards her father, thinking him to be "uncool".


Pearl has a dream of being a star. She did a "cheer" for the Krusty Krab at Squidward's talent show. Pearl is used as a back-up invisible boatmobile for the semi-retired underwater superheroes Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy, in a movie SpongeBob and Patrick were creating, much to her disappointment.

Her favorite band is an all-boys band called "Boys Who Cry." She also enjoys shopping at the mall. She can also play the tuba. Most of the time, she is seen as a stereotypical teenage girl.


Pearl's immediate family includes her father, Eugene H. Krabs and her grandmother, Mama Krabs (though she hasn't been shown with her grandmother).

The difference between her and her father in terms of species has never been addressed; possible theories include that Mr. Krabs was once married to a whale or that Pearl was adopted, though these are mere speculation. In the episode "Whale of a Birthday", it could be proven that Pearl was not adopted, since Mr. Krabs had a banner for her since the day she was born (The banner said "It's a Boy Girl"), but it's also possible that Pearl's biological mother was pregnant with her when she married Mr. Krabs. Also, whales in the Krabs family exist in medieval times as seen with her ancestor, Princess Pearl. The identity of Medieval Krabs' wife, or Princess Pearl's mother, was never revealed. In the SpongeBob SquarePants Trivia book, Mr. Krabs states, "This is me daughter Pearl. She's a whale, you see. Takes after her mother that way."

Pearl normally is embarrassed by her father's lack of "coral." Mr. Krabs has been shown to go to extreme lengths to please her, such as when he had SpongeBob take her to her prom in "The Chaperone". At one point Mr. Krabs even hired her for the Krusty Krab and allowed her to completely renovate the restaurant, much to the chagrin of Squidward and eventually SpongeBob (after he discovered that Pearl had removed the grill from the kitchen). A significant portion of the humor in episodes featuring Pearl is derived from Mr. Krabs' inner struggle between his thrifty nature and his desire to keep his daughter happy. Pearl has the ability to cry very hard when embarrassed by her father, flooding or shaking things inadvertently. She is subject to temper tantrums when things go wrong for her. In "Selling Out", she tosses Mr. Krabs out of the house. Pearl can be very demanding when it comes to her needs, she is also seen as a baby in the photo album,. Example, "Whale of A Birthday." Plus, she is usually at rivalry with one of her friends. Though she has popular friends, they don't act like true friends because they bring up past ruined birthday parties and in "Whale of A Birthday," her so-called friends point out the horrible things at her Sweet 16 party. Example: Stale popcorn, punch which Squidward confesses that it's dishwater. And cake which is made out of cardboard. "And frosting!" states Mr. Krabs.

General Information

Gender: Female
Color: Gray
Eye Color: blue
Birthday: May,12,1990 (Age 17)
Interests: Shopping, Music, hanging out with friends, talking on the phone, boys, being "coral" (cool)

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